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Our Prayer

Prayer  Is ... A Spiritual  Transaction and Love Is ... Our Currency.

Loving Act Mission & Beyond: JLKJLU AMBASSADOR´S  PRAYERS

May We Always Be Known By Our Love 

Thank you, Lord, for the privilege of being so close to you. Thank you for Your great Love, without which we could do nothing. Your banner over our mission is Love. Thank you that You´ve shown us how to let your work through us. Please do work through us.


I open up the floodgates of my heart and my spirit and my will. My will is like the floodgates that can either hold You flow through me. I ask You to pour through me. I want You to pour Your Love through me! I give You my will and ask that You take over this day. 


Please work out all my problems, all my challenges, all the work that is laid before me. Please organize it. Please orchestrate it. Please do what You want today, Jesus. Amen.



Lord, You are the emotion and the will of my heart. You are the One Who give me my emotion and my will of love. You are the One Who allows me to feel the emotion and the will of love, because You are Love and any ounce of love, any gram of love that I feel or that I have for anyone or anything or that I experience, it´s just You, Jesus. It´s not me at all, it´s You, because You are Love.


Thank you for giving me that emotion. Thank you for giving me You and letting me feel You, that I may feel love--not only love coming in, but love going out to others.


Your love is like the air. I breath it in and I feel it. I exhale it and I breathe it out and I feel it for others. and I give it out to others.


I feel it coming in and I feel it going out to others. I thank You for it. Amen.

I thank you, Jesus, that when I hear Your still small voice in my heart, You´re not speaking harsh words of reproof to me. You´re speaking uplifting words of life and joy and forgiveness and hope!


When I offer up my little handful of love, I am engulfed in a sea of Yours. When I reach out to touch You, I find myself already enveloped in Your loving embrace. When I direct my love to You, I feel like a child shining a flashlight at the sun. You shower me with such Love and care.


I give You glory and honor, as I am unworthy of Your love. You humble Yourself to hear my plea and comform me with tenderness.


Thank You, Jesus for Your Love for me. I love to be enveloped in Your Love and in Your Spirit. Thank You for Your constant care and protection. I praise You and love You. Thank You that I can be in this world but not part of it. Thank You that I can be proud of the calling to which You´ve called me, to be an ambassador of Your Love. Amen.

.... and every breath we drew was Hallelujah!

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