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Since 2008-Present, Registered 2015 / 2014



Jesus Loves Kids-Jesus Loves You Misson Inc.

Fullfilled dream, one that exceeds the wildest dreams.

What you do EVERY DAY matters more than what you do ONCE IN A WHILE! My wish is to share what I dream about every day. I have found endless encouragement by sharing my dreams with others and inspiration by making dreams happen for others.


God puts goals in our hearts and writes a destiny over our lives. Every day, I must try to give everything to make my life as beautiful as the dreams that dance in my imagination. I didn't understand my dream until the day I realized what God's greatest gifts are.


The greatest gifts come from the heart, and there's a piece for you to keep and the rest pieces to give, to share to others with love. The fulfillment of several lifelong dreams has defined what I shared with my family and a few selected friends these past years.


I started my journey with a wishful heart without knowing it was a dream; after all, it was just a wish without a deadline. I dove straight in without any plan, thinking God is my Life Director and Jesus is leading me as my leading man, ha! -- "(Oh Maffy, you have quite an imagination! (a small voice is whispering) Lol. I only earnestly desire the best gifts as if I have a say about it. 

Let GOD be your no.1 in this lifetime. Serve with love. FAITH TO ONLY ONE GOD. 

Dear God, I am grateful for my Ezekiel dream. There was this an unknown desire hidden deep in my heart. A loving prayer I wish to offer you. I hope with all my heart today and every day that you will be with me every step of every new beginning of a new journey.


With a wishful heart, I claim my prize, my gift. I am trusting in You to speak to my heart and mind. I have set my heart, keep me on the path, moment by moment leading into my everyday mission in life, and have the clarity of Your purpose of my existence in this world.

I love you, Lord, because You first loved me. Thank you, Jesus, for my life. Amen.

- ms



Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, and Malaysia


2012-13 Because of the dream, the creation of The Bible Verse T-shirt Campaign, and the birth of JLKJLU: JESUS LOVES KIDS-JESUS LOVES YOU MISSION in the Philippines bloom. You can go to this ABOUT JLKJLU PH page to read how Jesus materializes His possessions and purpose through my dream - Bible Verses from the Book of Ezekiel, until to this day. It is a LIVING DREAM.


2018 - Present

(2018-Present) Please feel free to check our project, activities, initiatives, and our collaboration with other parties in our menus.

We are still updating, God´s love is working in many ways through Jesus' Gospel of Love, Even with limited resources, HIS LOVE IS GRAND.

Come again and visit us later for new updates.

Thank you. 



(2012-2013) Another 3..5 years or so passed, my first missionary destination on my wishlist, an African Mission dream, Jesus fulfilled.

In October of 2017, I was in the slum of Ngando, Immanuel Ministry, with Pastor David Muricho, who took me in and allowed me to work with his children. BROSIS SCHOOL was my host, but it turned out there was NO BROSIS School - How was Brosis School wholly ruined.

After the JLKJLU KIDS LOVE FEST EVENT, I stayed longer and volunteered in the new Brosis Relocation area. -

For more info >>

Co-Founding Brosis School. From 2017 till January 2019, Loving Act funded the whole school year expenses. 


For more info >>


As a volunteer and missionary. An admin for the school, Asst CRE Teacher, and organizer for an Outdoor Program. 

For more info >>

After I left, coming home was an awakening. I am more aware of life, spirituality (self-awareness and harmony), and privileged life than others.

An Independent Missionary knows no boundaries; there is NO LIMIT what GOD can do. I do not have to be present in a place to do God´s bidding. It has been obvious and manifested to me; God uses people in the strangest way to carry out His Will., to this day, is very much involved and carrying out God´s Will in the life of the children in the slum.


Fast forward to 2018, I fully now understand the meaning of my dreams.

God has laid it on my heart.. yes, He did! 

I now understood that God put dreams in my heart that are bigger than I am.

So that I will rely on Him and His power. HalleluJah!




Jesus, Our King The Heart and CEO of Kærleiksverk Félagið: Loving Act Mission/Jesus Loves Kids-Jesus Loves You Mission Inc.

2021 - January 2021 BROSIS FOOTBALL CLUB


Partnered with Fótbolta Ástriða - Yúsif Hassan Bonnah

Founders (Initiatives) of Fótbolta Ástriða January 2021 till _______ for Brosis Football Club - Kenya

  • ​Yúsif Hassan Bonnah - Ambassador and 7 y.o  Founder of Fótbolta Ástriða

  • Linda Magnúsdóttir - Mother of Yusif (Fótbolta Ástriða Organizer)

  • Jón Magnísson - Connects Linda to all Sponsors and Football Clubs in Iceland. Former Coach of Breiðablík Football Club

  • Maflor -  Fótbolta Ástriða Website Creator/Admin from January till Present. Former Soccerade International Representative

  • Berglind Jónsdóttir - Former Goalkeeper of HK Football Club - Woman Division

  • María Magnúsdóttir - Former Director

Icelandic GEG POWER ehf. GEG Power ehf.

  • CEO Sigþór Jónsson (Brought the first shipment of Yusif´s Campaign for Brosis Football Kids Shoes, Jerseys and more) 

2020   COVID19 Pandemic Crisis Initiative

Partnered with Kenya: SuperKids and UAFC

Christopher Nyoroge

Purity Koome

Parterner with Akrho Isabela

Bro Jher Akrho Radio

Bro Nald Domingo Akrho Radio

Partner with Kissi Headed by

Abel Siro 


Initiative Partnership - Kenya

Kuria Karatu & Co. Advocates (Penguin Non-Profit Group) - Nairobi-Kenya


Initiative Partnership - Nigeria

Descendants of David /MP Creatives & Productions - Group of Band Musicians 



Founded Brosis Kids Football Club for kids in slum. Operation: Partnership with Kennedy Oluoch- Nairobi-Kenya



Founded Brosis Kids Library in slum. Operation: Partnership with Kennedy Oluoch- Nairobi-Kenya

2018 - Present

Joined by JLKJLU Cebu Special Ministry 

Bro Aris Aves of JLKJLU Cebu Special Ministry/Akrho Radio

Bro Chad Sotelo of JLKJLU Cebu/Akrho Radio

Bro Layz Sotelo of JLKJLU Cebu/Akrho Radio

Bro Charlo Sotelo of JLKJLU Cebu/Akrho Radio

Bro Jao Singson of JLKJLU Cebu/Akrho Radio (Educational Project)  Joined 2019 - Present



Partner with JLKJLU.JCI Lanao del Norte 

Pastor Carmelo Procianos

Sis Anne Procianos

2017 - Present 

Sis Franciela Raviz Torreja JLKJLU Fundraiser Director  (Manila)

Sis Daylene Maratas of JLKJLU Cebu Operations Coordinator & Moderator, JLKJLU/Akrho Radio Cebu Accounts 2016-Present

Partnered as Co-Founder with BROSIS Integrated Community Based Organization

Abel Siro  Brosis Integrated CBO /Brosis School - Nairobi, Kenya

Pastor David Maruti Muricho of Immanuel Ministry in Ngando Slum - Kenya

Joined by JLKJLU Africa- Kenya

Hesbon Loid Em


Kennedy Oluoch

Steve Nywes

Aswan Mackson

2016 - Present

Joined by JLKJLU Ormoc/Akrho Volunteers

Bro Danieles Jorge GS Akrho Ormoc Council (Active 2016-2017)  (Deceased 2019)

Sis Marah Roble Daffon JLKJLU Ormoc Library

Sis Altina Azetro JLKJLU Ormoc Library

2015 - Present

Joined by ICELAND: Mutya Iceland Team & PPi Project Pearl International-Iceland

Lilja Véðis PPi Chairman/ Iceland Representative & PPi/ENFiD Iceland Team/ 2017 JLKJLU Adviser

Vanessa Loque Iceland Board Member/ 2017 JLKJLU Library Project Director

Melissa Loque Iceland Board Member/ 2017 JLKJLU Library Mission Director

Marvi Ablaza Gil Iceland/PPi/ Iceland Board Member/2014 JLKJLU Board Member/Program Director



JLKJLU Beauty Queen on a Mission

Dra. Stephanie Sitoy BQM Ambassadress

Jory Rivera Serina Advocate

Hurley Rivera Ruedas Advocate



Joined by JLKJLU Manila/Akrho Radio Co-creators

Bro Gian Lovely of JLKJLU Manila, JLKJLU/Akrho Radio Accounts 

Bro Max Co of JLKJLU Manila/Co-Creator of Akrho Radio 2013-Present

Brod Jher Brod JLKJLU Manila / Akrho Radio Accounts 03

Nald Domingo Akrho Radio

2014 - Present

JLKJLU Pillars 

Sis Nelma Tumakay JLKJLU Philippines/Asia Representative

Bro Ronilo Tumakay JLKJLU Accountant/Accounts Director -Philippines

Mama Ester JLKJLU Ormoc 

Jomar JLKJLU Ormoc  Accounts

Jasper JLKJLU Ormoc Project Coordinator

Joined by JLKJLU Ormoc/Akrho Volunteers

Bro Mark Barte JLKJLU Ormoc Accounts & Operations Coordinator/JLKJLU Akrho Ormoc/ Akrho Radio Accounts02

Bro Liel Ryan Velarde JLKJLU Akrho Ormoc / Akrho Radio (Deceased 2018)

Bro Daga JLKJLU Akrho Ormoc / Akrho Radio

Bro Dennis JLKJLU Ormoc C00/JLKJLU Akrho Radio Accounts

Bro Renato Baculi JLKJLU Akrho Ormoc / Akrho Radio

Engr. Brod Jude Sabencio JLKJLU Akrho Ormoc / Akrho Radio

Bro Loi Arsenal JLKJLU Akrho Ormoc

Bro William Con-iu JLKJLU Akrho Ormoc (Joined 2018 - Present)

2014- Present


Akrho Radio Trading - a media channel and trading Empowerment Platform for the Brotherhood and Sisterhood.

Purpose: Empowerment Platform for the brotherhood and sisterhood. Sisterhood Media Training Initiative. Connecting Skeptrons Worldwide

After a successful live test, a partnership proposal was sent to my Mother's Chapter, Akrho Ormoc Alumni & Council with and selected few Bro Mark, Bro Dennis, Bro Renato Bro William,

The second partnership with Bro Gian "Gee" Raymond Dela Cruz Lovely


The 3rd Batch with Sis Daylene, Sis Skeptron Ferrer, and Bro Charlo "Shong" Sotelo 

The 4th  Batch: Cebu Skeptron Sorority, Sis Ar-Ar, & Sis Rose with Sotelo Brothers, Bro Aeris, and Brod Dan Zamora

The 5th Batch: Manila. Sis Beth, Brod Jhunfrix, Brod Noli, Brod Nald, Brod Jher and Brod Amal

The 5th Batch: International Sorority Officers, Sis Iris, Sis Rica, Sis Maggy, and Sis Apple.

2013- Present


Akrho Radio Trading - a media channel and trading platform for Skeptrons.

Purpose: Empowerment Platform for the brotherhood and sisterhood. Sisterhood Media Training Initiative. Connecting Skeptrons Worldwide

Created and initiated the first Akrho online media channel with the approval from Founding Fathers and Supreme Board of AKP

Together with Bro Max Co, my co-creator.

2013- Present / 2015 Registered Missionary/Charity


Founding Members and BOD

MD Dr Lelita Rós  Kærleiksverk Félagið 

MD  Dir. Sis Margie Kærleiksverk Félagið 

MD Dir. Sis Emily Kærleiksverk Félagið 

Dir. Christien  Kærleiksverk Félagið 

Dir Ómar Kærleiksverk Félagið 

2012 MISSION: Philippines First Loving Act/JLKJLU Kids Love Fest Mission

Supported by Circle of Friends and Family

Circle of Friends: Aldrianne Roman & Concordia, John, Finnur, Christien, Sarah, Prabhu Kirpal & Andrew, Elizabeth Suzanne, John & Melody (2012)



2012 - iModel Youth Multicultural Charity Fashion Show in September 2012

Collaboration with Humanitarian and Charitable Organizations in Iceland 

Linda Magnusdóttir - Kærlieksverk Program Coordinator

Sarah Guðbjörg Chairperson

Andrew Founder

Paul Ramses Odour of VERZLO Founder/Owner - A charitable school in Kenya founded by Paul and wife Rosemary

Christien of Culture House Iceland Founder



2012 - Present 

PHILIPPINES: JLKJLU Pioneers & Board Members

Sis Mayet Cabrerra JLKJLU Visayas Representative/ JLKJLU Butuan 2011-Present

Sis Che Mirafuentes Sulague JLKJLU Board Member and Mindanao Representive / JLKJLU CDO

Ptr. Sis Jing Mirafuentes Sulague JLKJLU Board Member Lead Missionary

Sis Lorenea Mirafuentes Sulague JLKJLU Library Operations Director and Board Member / JLKJLU CDO

Sis Anne Lego Procianos JLKJLU Lanao del Norte Coordinator


Joined by JLKJLU Lanao del Norte, Iligan & Cebu

Ptr Carmelo Procianos JLKJLU Lanao del Norte

Brod Enoch Procianos JLKJLU Lanao del Norte

Sis Keziah Procianos JLKJLU Lanao del Norte

Sis Jowies Anoche JLKJLU Iligan Coordinator

Sis Kyeth JLKJLU Cebu Coordinator



Balintawak Sugbo-Arnis Master Carlo Campana  JLKJLU Arnis Martial Arts/Sports Advocate

2008-Present           How I  Began, JESUS´ MISSION OF LOVE and The Love Advocacy 

KÆRLEIKSVERK translation in English is LOVING ACT

JLKJLU means Jesus Loves Kids - Jesus Loves You

LOVING ACT (Iceland) and JLKJLU MISSIONS (Philippines) are two organizations registered in two different countries.

BROSIS means Brothers and Sisters

BROSIS Group and BROSIS Football Club are two different Community-Based Organizations, both registered in Nairobi, Kenya.

2019 - Present        

2018 - Present        Registered & Founded BROSIS Group: BROSIS Football Club and BROSIS COMMUNITY LIBRARY

2017 - 2018             Partnership Initiative and Co-Founded to Re-open BROSIS School in the slum of Ng´ando

2015 - Present         Registered Missionary Organization - Iceland

2014 - Present         Registered Missionary Organization - Philippines

2012 - 2014             Partnership Initiative and Co-create The Power of One, a Thailand-based Literacy and Religious Mission

2012 - Present            Independent Mission: Journey: Asia, Africa, and Europe

2011 -  Present.          Independent Missionary & Volunteer  Started JLKJLU Mission as a  Bible Verse T-shirt Project and A Program for kids.

2008 - 2011                Humanitarian Volunteer & Missionary Student and Volunteer Re-Activated-Humanitarian Crusade as a pledge soror of Alpha Kappa Rho Intl.

Thank You, Jesus, for The Purpose, The Dreams, and The Gift of Love and Life. Amen.




M❦flor Svndis

Founder & Chairperson (Independent Missionary)

  Kærleiksverk Félagið: Loving Act Mission & Beyond  - Registered in Iceland

  (JLKJLU) Jesus Loves Kids-Jesus Loves You Mission Inc - Registered in the Philippines

 Brosis Group: Brosis Library Registered in Nairobi, Kenya

 Brosis Football Club Registered in Nairobi, Kenya

JLKJLU Mentors, Teachers & Advisers:

Geoffrey Pettypiece

Violet and Paul

Andrew Fortune

Anna Suchada

Sarah Guðbjörg Sigurðardóttir

Elizabeth Suzanne Dutch

John from USA/Thailand

Anna Suchada

Terez Leclerc

Aunt Bennie

Aunt Margie

My Family Foundation: My Papa, My Mama, and My Grandparents

They have given me a stable foundation for my life. Through the experience and their example, they taught me,


 - never fear, fly high but learn how to drop out at high speed, and always remember the mountains, ocean, the lakes are part of you.

"I love the feeling of being in the water, and there is something wonderful in the quiet moments by a mountain stream" - the mountain & ocean girl inside of me.


My grandparents always remind me that there is always a reason to be thankful in all circumstances. When I'm sick, "Don't call the doctors, come to Lola!" They were believers of faith missionaries and mountain people. There is no mistake; I am a farmer's granddaughter and a missionary descendant! 


My Papa teaches me how to be kind and honest, his influence mostly about people and the fun stuff--chess, motorcycle, travel, Waterworld, mountains, and yes, the Bible!--with Grandpa.


My Mama, who have the gospel in her heart, a prayer warrior, and a loving mother, the influence she has on me-- never cease praying, enjoy praying, and how not to love your family too much! In short, it's all about praying and family.


All these, life becomes more exciting. Thank you, Jesus, for reminding me that I am fortunate and loved.



God strengthened me. 
Seeing God’s prophet Ezekiel, upon whom be peace, in a dream means that one will receive the station of guardianship and trust,

The family I have In God´s grace, the Loving Act Independent Missionaries goes above and beyond to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ - the Gospel is LOVE! 

At the beginning of my 2011 Independent Missionary journey, I registered Kærleiksverk Félagið in English LovingAct in Iceland. This Loving Act is only a figment of my imagination, a dreamworld yet to be discovered.

I was anxious and excited, and I felt my heart full of excitement, love, and desire and grateful for no reason but looking forward to my adventure ahead of me. Unknowingly, what is waiting ahead of me? I planned to travel; my leap of faith led me to many unexpected discoveries. 

I have my family, teachers, and mentors to thank for their support, guidance, and most of their continued prayers.

In the Philippines, I am orchestrating a pilot project inspired by my dreams. The Jesus Loves Kids-Jesus Loves You Mission 

Today, these are the Pioneers, Pillars, and Allies of The and JLKJLU Mission, whom Jesus has chosen to be JLKJLU´s Independent allies, friends, and Army of Faith for His purpose to-- #SpreadHisLove. 


  M❦flor Sv❦ndis    

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