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MPS Iceland 2012-14

Mutya ng Pilipinas 

Scandinavia - Iceland 


MPS Iceland Team 2012 (2013-14)


Official Cooperator of Mutya Ng Scandinavia and the Nordic Regions in Iceland.

MPS Iceland Team was organized n Nov 2012. On Nov 2013, MPS Iceland officially registered the team as PPI-Iceland: Project Pearl Intl - Iceland. The team is lead by our PPi-Iceland Chairman Lilja Véðis "Lee Loque" Holmsdóttir.









MPS Iceland Representative:


Ásdís Lisa Karlsdóttir won the Mutya ng Pilipinas-Overseas Communities and People Choice 2013-14.









2012-14 MPS Iceland Team & PR Pageant Coaches:


PR Pageant Coaches:

Maflor Svandís MPSI Pageant & Marketing Operation

Monching Canete MPSI PR Pageant Stage Presence/Hair & MakeUp Coach

Josh "Bong" Varon - MPSI Pageant PR Operation


Secondary PR Pageants Coaches & Managers:

Marvi Ablaza Gil - MPSI Media & PR Official 

Cirila Jamora - MPSI Beauty 

Kristin - MPSI Talent

Robert - MPSI










Photo credits:

OPMB & (JLKJLU)Beauty Queen on a Mission Advocate Jory Serina Rivera


5 Beauty Queens promotes Philippine Tourism

PPi Iceland/MPS Iceland Representative Project in October 2014

PPi Chairman Lilja Véðis "Lee Louque" Hólmsdóttir


Mutya ng Pilipinas Scandinavia


The Mutya ng Pilipinas Scandinavia (MPS) is an affiliate of The Mutya ng Pilipinas Organization (MPO) in the Philippines. Over the years, MPS has been a formidable partner of MPO, serving as a vehicle to promote everything that is beautiful in the Filipina and the Philippines. 

MPS has the official and sole right to sponsor, promote and conduct a Mutya ng Pilipinas beauty pageant in Scandinavia. Since 2007, MPS has sent delegates to represent the Filipino Community in Norway in the Mutya ng Pilipinas pageant in the Philippines. 




Mutya ng Pilipinas Organization


The Mutya ng Pilipinas Organization promotes “Beauty Tourism” within Asia and West Pacific with the direct and key participation of the Overseas Filipino Communities, this being a distinct component of its National Pageant Event.


The Mutya ng Pilipinas prides itself as the longest-running beauty contest in the country, with overseas beauties adding glamour and glitter annually.



MPO President Jacqueline Tan-Sainz (Philippines)



Chairperson: Grace Vazques

FB page: Mutya ng Pilipinas Scandinavia

Mutya ng Pilipinas 

Scandinavia - Iceland 2012-14

MPS Iceland Team 2O12  (2013-14)

Together as a team, MPS Iceland Team 2012 (2013-14) was instrumental in creating the first successful MPS Iceland to win a crown and People´s Choice Award. 


Kærleiksverk Félagasamtök assembled and continues to oversee the team from 2012 till 2013. PPi Chairman Lilja Védið "Lee Loque" Hólmsdóttir and the rest of the PPi Team took over from Nov 2013 till end of 2014 term.

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