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The Loving Act -To Glorify God, The Father and Honor Him

 Our Passion Motto

      May We Always Be Known

                    By Our Love

 Love is our fruit of passion. 

So Then, You Will Know Them By Their Fruits

JLKJLU Jesus Loves Kids-Jesus Loves You


It is God´s project; depend on Him faithfully.

May We Always Be Known By Our Love.

Its´s passion is to inspire, create the desire to know The Truth and share God´s Love and fill their hearts with the pure love of Christ with everyone who is in touch with children and young people in general, but above all with everyone who cares JLK-JLU´s values. 

All JLK-JLU´s projects are a personal desire to contribute to making a reality to God´s plan in preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ-The Gospel is Love.

“Love is a gift 

       you can freely give and 

Love is the greatest gift

       you can give yourself "

Project Message
"Love is a gift you can freely give, and Love is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

Love brings smiles to His lil' ones.

The Truth, The Facts - Faith in God

Through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Gospel is LOVE!

In today's busy world, there are so many who are consumed with the world's demands that they forget it's the REAL PEOPLE WHO RUN THE WORLD and not vice versa.

Real people are the ones who take time to reach individuals, children, anyone who needs care, encouragement, understanding, compassion, kindness, and do things in love.

All the projects are made possible through PERSONAL CONTRIBUTIONS of friends around the world to---

"The Loving Act Mission & Beyond." As you give yourself to others and offer help, you receive the gift of love back.

I sincerely appreciate ALL my friends who willingly help, support, and believe in making JLK JLU vision a reality by giving their time and contributions to JLK-JLU Mission.

“Jesus is not an accessory to the work

we do. He is the guidepost.”

Kids Love Fest


Our Causes, Aim & Value

May We Always Be Known By Our Love

  • Community Outreach

  • Feeding Program

 We introduce kids to the power of social action and educate them on alleviating hunger and reading literacy.


Our Child Feeding programs aim to alleviate hunger and help supplement the problem for malnourished children.


Our community children's outreach activities help develop child literacy. Teaching kids the importance of getting involved in their local community is essential for their education.


For the youth volunteers, community activities and volunteering can help teens build skills, civic responsibility, and a sense of belonging.


"The Importance of hiding Jesus´Word in our hearts" and God´s Message of Love. 








  • Lipayran Island, Cebu

  • Butuan

  • Cagayan de Oro

  • Lanao del Norte

  • Iligan

  • Ormoc


  • Nairobi, Kenya


Love blitz wherever

and whoever.




Jesus loves the little children.

As Jesus followers, we know we serve a God whose heart is for children.


In fact, throughout His time on earth, Jesus spoke extensively about protecting and loving children and about welcoming them into His kingdom.

Jesus has a tender, protective, caring toward children.

The New Testament is riddled with examples of Jesus calling children to come closer to Him, even when his closest friends insisted that he had better things to do (Mark 10:13-16).

  • Workshop & Seminars

"A truly intelligent person is the dumbest person on the team he is leading."

-Robert T. Kiyosaki

This keeps a leader learning and an ability to lead the follower diplomatically.

Able to show what can be done regardless of the complications or restrictions placed upon them."

Able to change your own behaviors in order to cope more effectively with your environment, or make changes to the environment you're in.

Passionately Curious

  • Kids Football

Mission, Vision & Commitment

Playing with heart and mind

MISSION: Developing ability and character to become better football players and become better people, intellectually, spiritually, and physically. Respect and humility are at the heart of everything everybody does at Brosis FC.

VISION: To share an all-around child for a better world. A child who is self-reliant, confident, and happy as a child and to create a lifelong experience and love of the game.

COMMITMENT: Dedicated to improving child welfare through sport and development in a fun, positive, and safe environment and focus on children and young people´s emotional and social intelligence to develop the whole person. 


Wheels of Love 

Hidden Challenge.

An invisible disability is just as life-affecting as a visible one, but they're not as talked about and easily understood. 

  • Women Empowerment

TeenGirls, Youth, Adult & Elderly

Young Single Mothers & Widowhood


  • Body and Voice Rights

  • Independence

  • Livelihood

  • Empowerment

  • Life Skills

  • Mental Health Awareness

My mother is a school teacher, and her parents were missionaries and healers. She is my most precious person--I can be "me" around her. She will protect me with her life. 

A mother's love for her child and a father's pillar of kindness towards his family and community--you cannot possibly fathom the immensity of all the Loving-kindness that my parents showed us as an example of life and character.

  • Pillar of Dreams



  • Education is a right and privileged. 

  • Achieved your dreams in baby steps.

  • Events For A Cause

Promote and Support other´s advocacy and ministries.


One Earth, One Humanity 


Health Awareness

  • Well Being & Mind Being

Your mind is stronger than your body and emotions.

Train well in all three.

  • Nature & Discovery

 Travel is self-discovery and you can see nature with closed eyes.

Mother earth will care for us, protect us, and nurture us, as long as we do the same for her.

Mindfulness expands your co-create senses.

As a farmer's granddaughter and my father's love for the ocean, I consider myself a fisherman's daughter, a nature child at play, and a nature lover at heart.

  • Computer Literacy Advocacy

Keeping up with digital technology in the slum is a challenge. But anything is possible, whatever works.

  • Promote computer literacy and critical thinking

  • Online Tutorial

  • Basic Skills

  • Email & Social Media

  • Digital Online Awareness

  • Typing Lessons

  • Online movies

  • Natural Disaster

Response and Relief Operation

  • Get Involved

  • Raise Money Remotely

  • Donation Drive

  • Food Distribution

  • Volunteer

  • Help the Helpers

  • Keep Supporting

  • Coaching/Mentorship

Leadership Development Program 

  • Bridging Mentorship and Leadership Development

  • Skills and Organizational Initiatives


JLK JLU Mission


JLK-JLU: Jesus Loves Kids-Jesus Loves You Mission is a new covenant of love amongst friends and an enjoyable life-long commitment and reverence to our Almighty God, the Father in Jesus´ name.



The JLK-JLU Mission is an act of love, to reach out to individuals who are motivated by pure love manifested in Christ alone and considering the benefit of others than their own.

“ I was a stranger and 

        and you invited Me  in.”


“ I was in prison and

     you came to Me.”



The more I support others, the more miracles happen in my life.  The more I listen to others, the more I hear myself in them. The more I genuinely care about others, the more I care about myself, and the greater happiness and inner peace I felt. It´s a viciously wonderful cycle. 


JLK-JLU project´s primary objective...

To be the vessel of Jesus´ love

for God´s children.


We are Ambassadors of Love and Good Will to reach out to them in a way that we draw them to ourselves. We become one, but that has to be done in very concrete ways. To love our neighbor, to be one with those who are afflicted and oppressed, those who really have grief and anxiety because of their situation -- this becomes so important by donating Bibles, based storybooks, educational and motivational materials, providing them with the spiritual resources to learn more about God and the Gospel of Jesus and exchanging material goals for spiritual ones and creating a deep desire for the Lord´s Word and ways. And having lots of fun together to rejoice in God´s love.




Jesus’ response to his friends’ rebuke is so telling. In verse 14, we are told that Jesus was indignant to the disciples’ harsh response. The Greek translation for the word “indignant” is a combination of two words: “much” and “to grieve.” Jesus was much grieved!

‘Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.'”

-Matthew 19:13-14

He is grieved when children are neglected.

He grieves when they are turned away or denied their rights.

He grieves when children are not known, loved, and protected.

This is why Compassion works for the rights of children in Jesus’ name. Jesus is not an accessory to the work we do. He is the guidepost. Let’s take a look at the different times Jesus advocated for children in the Bible!

37th Natl PWD ORMOC.png
Brosis facepainting
PO1 Brochure (Back)
PO1 Brochure (Front)

Kærleiksverk/LovingAct Mission

  • To inspire and empower underprivileged children, youth, PWD, elderly, teen girls, young single mothers, widows, individuals, groups, and communities in remote and rural areas.

  • To improve education, children and youth well-being, and health in the slums.

  • To advocate child welfare through intellectual, spiritual, and physical development. 

  • To prepare, provide and support feeding programs to help children, families, and households facing hunger before, during, and after a disaster. 

  • To promote and increase the impact of non-formal and informal learning and sport in slum areas. 

Respect and Humility are at the heart of everything everybody does at Kærleiksverk/LovingAct, JLKJLU Mission, and Brosis.

BROSIS Mission


Developing ability and character to become better football players and become better people, intellectually, spiritually, and physically. Playing with heart and mind.

“ Every child must hear, learn, and know God´s Love

Butuan 4pc 2015
IWF Jan 2022.jpeg
Gift for Strangers

Kærleiksverk/LovingAct, JLKJLU Mission & BROSIS

2022lovingact-jlkjlu mission.png
LovingAct Mission_JLKJLU_BROSIS.png

(English) LOVING ACT

This is what I truly know and understand,

The Opposite of Love is ....                 


LovingAct/JLKJLU Message

May We Always Be Known By Our Love.

The Only Time it is safe to think with your heart

It is when it is full of God's LOVE.

Open Your Heart To Love.
Love to Learn. Learn to Love. 
Love what you have. Love what you do.
Love every day. Love every moment.

Love other people. 


All other times, listen to your heart

But don't ever let it assume control.

LovingAct/JLKJLU Ambassador's Mission

Teach To Inspire Others To Teach

Love To Inspire Others To Love

Give to Inspires Others To Give

LovingAct/JLKJLU Aim

Let everyone fulfill their highest, most authentic expression as a human being.

LovingAct/JLKJLU Vision and Values

Our vision for every child, woman, and senior citizen's life in all its fullness. Our prayer for every heart, the will to make it so. As years go by, our vision and mission change to adopt the fundamental challenges in the world and make a loving difference each moment, each opportunity.

LovingAct/JLKJLU Mission Project Objectives 

The JLKJLU projects include distributing educational and motivational materials for children and teenagers in various projects. A non-profit mission to provide assistance and educational needs to our future generation. Its primary purpose is to care, share the treasure in God's Word and show love to one another. The JLK JLU projects will benefit kids, students, teachers, and parents in a slum area and a poor rural school area.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

All the projects are made possible through friends worldwide's contributions (prayers, support, in-kind, and monetary) to--" The Loving Act Mission."

I sincerely appreciate ALL my friends who willingly help, support, and believe in making JLK JLU vision a reality by giving their time and contributions to Mission.



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