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Empowered Women, #emPower Women

Repeat after me: Other women are not my competition. I stand with them not against them. #womenempowerment #womensupportingwomen #womenempoweringwomen

Loving supports AKP SORORITY International,  National, and Local

One advocacy I vigorously promote has always been supporting and encouraging women. 

In 2019, a rough time taught me a lesson. Whomever you help, a friend, a family, or a stranger, there comes a time when one will stab you and forget that once you alone have their best interest at heart. I could have known it all along, yet helping others is better than being cautious all the time of people who are only friendly when they need something.


Such people are commonly called the doom and looming stars. Meeting their kind is a blessing for Smoochers, opportunists, parasites, and fair-weather friends. They will remind you not to be one. Do not let the action of others change you.

When a person returns the favor with bad intentions, these are not good people. Their purpose is only to bring you down and make you look like the worst person to make them look good. There is nothing you can do about it.

Having a bad experience in life, especially an attack from a person you least expected, is the worst feeling. However, it will teach you not to be one. Now, seeing women inspire, empower, and lift each other is a vast source of energy, joy, and wisdom.

AKP SORORITY Beauty Pageants 

 Why should beauty queens be narrowed down to just one specific vital statistic? All body types of women are attractive in their ways. Body-shaming is just as harmful as racism; celebrating our different shades of skin tones, mixed-race, and other sexual identities only makes us women united and proud of who we are inside and out.

Since I was very young, our community has celebrated our hometown fiesta with crowning queens of all ages. Flores de Mayo is one of our cultural traditions as a devotion to Blessed Mary and Santacruzan as our ritual pageant held on the last day of the Flores de Mayo. These events are one of our Philippine cultures, and we all need to do our part to protect their interest, the children, the teens, and all the aspirant young ladies who choose this path in joining beauty queens pageantry.

We come in many different shapes and sizes, and we are all beautiful in our unique ways. We all women have different unique strengths and weaknesses, and we all have our imperfections because our beauty is in our difference.

It is an opportunity for all girls and women to inspire other women and be heard.



Cebu Sorority Skeptron 25yrs Silver Anniversary Celebration

  • Sponsorship: On file. (2k) Php

Cebu Sorority Skeptron Theme Song: "PHOENIX NA"


  • Sponsorship: Video Music




IC Queen of AKP Sorority 2021


  • Sponsorship Best Award Prize for Best Humanitarian Project

  • Sponsorship Best Award Prize for Best Humanitarian Essay

  • Sponsorship Award Prize for Highest Score in Q & A. A woman who can speak her mind. 



IC Queen of AKP Sorority 2020


  • Sponsorship Four registrations. Three from Ormoc and one from Cebu. Amt: On file (4k) Php

  • Sponsorship Best Teamwork with the Sorority Pageant candidate and her Chapter/Council. (Q&A) Amt: On file. 2k Php

  • One of the Panels of Judges for the First IC Queen of AKP Sorority Pageant 2020