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Go, Live Rich-Enjoy Life-Love People, Make A Difference, Touch One´s Heart, Encourage One´s Mind, Inspire One´s Soul.

Everyday is God´s way of saying One More Time - L.O.V.E.

(PH) Dra. Stephanie Sitoy, MD, DPPS

(PH) Dra. Stephanie Sitoy, MD, DPPS

Mrs Philippines Globe 2014 ____________________________________________________________________ GLOBAL AMBASSADOR of Loving Act Mission & Beyond / Jesus Loves Kids and Jesus Loves You Mission ____________________________________________________________________ Philippines-Iceland-USA-Sweden-Kenya-Cambodia-Thailand

(IS) Miss Ásdís Lísa Karlsdóttir

(IS) Miss Ásdís Lísa Karlsdóttir

Mutya ng Pilipinas Iceland and Nordic 2013 and Mutya ng Pilipinas Overseas Communities 2013 ____________________________________________________________________ GLOBAL AMBASSADOR of Loving Act Mission & Beyond Jesus Loves Kids and Jesus Loves You Mission ____________________________________________________________________ Iceland-Philippines-USA-Sweden-Kenya-Cambodia-Thailand

(USA) Miss Maureen Montagne

(USA) Miss Maureen Montagne

Miss Globe 2021 Maureen Montagne --------------------------- 2017 Miss World America 1st Runner Up _____________________________________________________ ~ GLOBAL AMBASSADOR of Loving Act Mission & Beyond ~ ~ ~ Jesus Loves Kids and Jesus Loves You Mission ~ ~ Advocate of Lodestar Day Resource Center ~ ~ Advocate of US ABAKA Foundation ~ ~ Miss USA Arizona 2015 USA~Philippines~Iceland~Sweden~Kenya~Cambodia~Thailand

(SE) Miss Nazita Reyhanian Guevarra

(SE) Miss Nazita Reyhanian Guevarra

Mutya ng Pilipinas Scandinavia 2013 ____________________________________________________________________ GLOBAL AMBASSADOR of Loving Act Mission & Beyond Jesus Loves Kids and Jesus Loves You Mission ____________________________________________________________________ Sweden-Philippines-Iceland-USA-Kenya-Cambodia-Thailand

Ambassador´s Mission 

Teach To Inspire Others To Teach. Love To Inspire Others To Love.

Give To Inspire Others To Give.

Gifts of Love Mission

LOVE in the heart of the city!

Giving gifts with a capital LOVE.

Jesus´ Loving Act / Kærlieksverk and JLKJLU: JESUS LOVES KIDS-JESUS LOVES YOU commitments are partly to inspire others to love and be kind to one another, and the two-half part is to let JESUS ALWAYS SHINE through all the things Loving Act do and to cultivate first and foremost a deeper and intimate relationship with God and know Him through

The Power of  LOVE  IN JESUS. 


Since 2012- Present

2012-21 Projects & Events


JLKJLU Kids Love Fest 

Since 2012- Present



The very heart of the gospel is that God so loved the whole world that he gave his Son to make salvation available for every single person.

JOIN US spreading the love of God.


 Jesus loves the little children. In the Gospels, we see God's tender heart for children. His willingness to devote time to them. Taking the child in his arms, he said to them, “Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me, and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the one who sent me.” We hope these Bible passages about kids reminded you how much Jesus loves children — and all of us! Mark 9:36-37

Servant´s Heart Mission

Since 2012- Present



Our mission of love will require courage and fortitude. Jesus is calling, and when the Spirit is moving in a person's life, that person will have a volunteer spirit.

JOIN US  having a servant´s heart requires a great investment in oneself. 


Represent Jesus through love and fully surrendered to His mission. To make Him known through the message of the Gospel. God’s way of telling me that love is one thing, but it can be displayed in so many different ways.  There is no such thing as saying, "Because I am working more, because I am giving more of myself, or because I am donating more financially, or because I am more supporting a cause... I am loving more." And when you accept love, you are returning the love!


We are all spreading the Gospel of love by being present, having an attitude that reflects Christ, and keep on keeping on. - ms

The Heart: Library Mission: 

Since 2012- Present



The challenge of reaching out to the most remote, farthest, or outermost areas and looking for those who have been overlooked.

JOIN US brings education and share the knowledge.


BOOKS-A Mission of Self-Discovery


BOOKS DONATION, is a JLK-JLU Book Drive. We have engaged in BOOKS DONATION to street kids, school children, and their all-around educational development and we have an ambitious project to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ through donating Christian children books, Character Building Kit books, and other educational books and materials to poor areas and rural schools, a commitment to missions in the most gospel-starved and spiritually dark areas of the world, where nobody has ever heard the Gospel of Love of our Lord, Jesus.

JLKJLU Bible Verse Tshirt

A dream started with Ezekiel

Today, it´s no longer a dream!

JLKJLU Kids Outreach- A One Stop Volunteering Center

A dream pillar project of

1. Funding Projects: Kids research and development learning center in remote areas and mini libraries for children in poverty living in small poor communities.


2. Special Needs Project

From 2013

Akrho Radio

Connecting Skeptrons Worldwide



Since 2012 JLKJLU Supports

ARNIS Balintawak Sugbo

Balintawak Sugbu teaches the Traditional Villasin Fighting System developed by GM Jose Villasin. 




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LovingAct Mission/JLKJLU/BROSIS.png


Since 2012- Present

Faith Took Abraham Far...Love Took Him Even Farther


"As the Father, has loved me, so I have loved you. Abide in My Love" - Jesus

Expressing God´s love, understanding God´s Word and spiritually, and physically sharing what God has called for is our mission

JOIN US Conquer the world with love world 

The first Jew is widely regarded as a man of faith, but he was also a man of deep love.

How far are we willing to go for God? I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go

The faith of a true servant of the Lord—willing to alter plans, give up worldly goods, and travel to the far corners of the earth to do the Lord’s bidding.

That in the end, the message of religion is that the love of God and human beings can overcome the hurdles and complications that we all face and that is part of life on earth regardless of how spiritual we may be. Love can conquer all. 

Screenshot 2021-03-15 at 15.14.27.png


Since 2012- Present


JOIN US  God calls us to share with those in need and to live a generous life.

The purpose of joining the Gifts For Strangers worldwide event is to bring love and joy, and warm feelings to others. Gift giving is customary around the world and becoming a ceremonial event.


JLKJLU´s idea of giving gifts is traditional. Our tradition is LOVE. We hope to inspire this idea and we hope to reach out to others to give gifts with a capital LOVE! This idea is not our own but Jesus did install it in our hearts, and soon it will be installed in your heart.

If your reading this---embrace yourself. Jesus is wrapping your heart with HIS LOVE. - ms

BEHIND BARS - Gifts for Strangers
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