Love Africa Mission


Kids Love Fest & #RightToPlay



(2020) COVID 19 Initiatives

Kisii and Nairobi: Ngando and Lenana

Mask and Food Pack Distribution to Brosis Kids and Lenana kids group with Justin and to Immanuel Kids Ministry of Pastor Muricho in Ngando with Ken.

Mask Distribution and Mountain Outreach in the mountain to the elderly and kids with Abel.


Partnership with Pst Chris of UAFC

Donated 6,500 KSH

Mask our Children-Covid19

(2019) with

Kuria Karatu & Co. Advotes (Penguin Non-Profit Group) Nairobi-Kenya

Partnership Initiative

(2019) Sponsorship


Donated 2 Trophies Awaits photos... 

(2019 - Present) AFRICA:

2nd/3rd Project: Urban Slum Child-Focused Interventions - Sport & Education 


Africa Mission Team 2019- Present

Mission & Projects

1. BROSIS Group - A Registered Community Based Organisation Main purpose is empowering vulnerable children living in poverty in the slum. Giving hope and spreading love. 

2. BROSIS Community Library Center - An educational center, real safe place to play, read and watch movies.  To be happy being a kid and feel safe. #Read2Discover

3. BROSIS Kids Football Club - Campaign slogan #Right2Play for kids in the slum.

4. BROSIS Educational Initiative - a slum-based program focused on orphans in need. A joint initiative with kind partnership and by donations from other groups and individual leaders and other well-wishers. #Back2School

(Oct 2017-April 2019) AFRICA:

1st LOVING ACT MISSION & BEYOND Kids Event and School Project


Africa Mission Team 2017-2019

Mission & Projects

1. JLKJLU Kids Love Fest - Christmas Event

Initially for 300 kids only but ended up with 400+ kids present during the event

2. School Projects

Brosis School - Ngando Ward (1 year financial support to the school, dormitory for girls and boys, a computer room and library room, new kitchen cookwares and more school outdoor programs. 

Little Bees School - Mathare (CANCELLED)

Kærleiksverk/JLKJLU Iceland




Lelita Rós (Kærleiks)

April Stjarna Ycot (JLKJLU)

Melissa (PPi)

Vanessa (PPi)

Marvi (FIA & PPi)

Lilja Veðis (PPi)

Lelita Rós (Kærleiks)

Jack Kiruja (Kenya)

Jesse Ceniza (UAE)

Ómar (Kærleiks)

Margie (Kærleiks)

Heiða Maack


Christien (Culture House)

Reggie Farao (Namibia)

               Josephine (Kenya)

Kærleiksverk/JLKJLU Philippines




Sis Loreen

Sis Nelma

Brod Gian Raymond

Brod Max


Prayer Warriors


Sis Che

Sis Jing

Sis Mayet


Kærleiksverk/JLKJLU Iceland




Emily Awin

Virginia Helgason

Margie & Junjun Ycot

Melissa Loque

Lelita Rós

Vanessa Loque

Marvi Ablaza Gil

Emily Thorolfsson

Debbie & Albert Ramirez

Theresa Bernardino

Lowenda D. Apaz

Lydia Ho

Robert Angobong

Butch Abonitalla

April Stjarna Ycot

Evelyn Tagalog

Sigurður Friðriksson



Kærleiksverk/JLKJLU Iceland




CC Bilaleiga ehf.

Finnur Steinsson

Reggie Farao

Caren E. Capangpangan

Cirila Snyrtisfota (Cirila Jamora)

Macky & Tina Ycot

Penny Haukson

Nikki Ledesma









Organized and Lead by

Abel Siro & Brosis Team

and Fair Kenya Org.


Victor (Ngong)

Silas (Ngando)

Mackson (Ngando)

Elisabeth (Ngando)

Ken O. (Lenana)

Francis (Ngando)

Loid (Lenana)

Smooch (Lenana)

Kevin (Lenana)



Sis Irene

Sis Esther

Sis Isabella

Sis Phanice

Sis Beatrice

Sis Delphine

Sis Celine

Bro Dickson



Spiritual Guide & Pastor


Ptr David Muricho









2017 - 2019


Facebook: BroSis Community Educational Center

Admins: Abel Siro, Kennedy Olouch & Maflor 


Any  individual who is not listed here is not part of BROSIS SCHOOL or BROSIS GROUP. They are using BROSIS SCHOOL founded by Mr. Abel Siro & BROSIS GROUP founded by Mr. Kennedy Oluoch for their own personal interest. A former Brosis School Principal  Mr registered Brosis School as his own school without the BROSIS Founder Mr. Abel Siro´s knowledge.

BROSIS SCHOOLS - Dagoretti Sub County


Confirmed     About 400 Kids Participants & 50 Volunteers  


Confirmed     Bible Verse Tshirt #GodIsLove - 150 Tshirts  


Confirmed     Kids Love Fest  Event (Food, Gifts-giving & Activity)


Confirmed     Books Donations from friends around the world.


Confirmed     Book Drive Campaign: Book donations for Kenya. Photos on our FB page: Brosis School - Nairobi Kenya & LovingActMission                                                                                              

Confirmed     Computer Library Room - Need computers, laptops, cabinets for books, table, and chairs.   


Confirmed     Radio Broadcasting Session - An open standard project for Brosis School with Brod Max & Brod Gian of Akrho Radio


Confirmed     Internet Router (Modem) for Brosis School (Gift from the Team of Kærleiksverk/JLKJLU Mission Inc)   


Confirmed     Volunteer Teachers Online Session with Marvi Ablaza Gil & Jesse Ceniza to begin with... more teachers will be invited to join and                         help build this virtual online project. 


                    Marvi Ablaza Gil - Journalis at Writing Is My Pill & Director at Travel Exchange - TRx


                    Jesse Ceniza - Physics & Science Lead Teacher for Science Dept at Institue of Applied Technology, Abu Dhabi 


Confirmed     Website for Nairobi School - Domain and Hosting included. Brosis School Logo by Brod Gian Raymond of Akrho Radio                                          (Gift from the Team of Kærleiksverk/JLKJLU Mission Inc)  


Confirmed     Brosis School Graphics by Sis Nelma of JLKJLU Philippines & Brod Gian of Akrho Radio





Project Funding Goal
Proposal Funding: For Computer and Library Room
Current Funding : Completed 2018 -2019



Your gifts and contributions will go along way and will make a difference to these kids.



2017-18 Cancelled during Political turmoil in Kenya

We will keep in mind Mama´s Lucy Little Bees in our future project. Perhaps next visit in 2022. 

LITTLE BEES - Mathare 

2nd School    200 - 250 kids        


Confirmed     School Visit & Meeting with Little Bees School Founder Mama Lucy - Little Bees Mother Queen of the Slum.        


  • No Activities as of now. 

  • Book donations from Philippines. Status: CANCELLED


Project Funding Goal
Proposal Funding: Future
Current Funding : Future

Your gifts and contributions will go along way and will make a difference to these kids.

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( LOVING ACT Mission & Beyond

(JLKJLU) Jesus Loves Kids-Jesus Loves You

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Since 2008 Kærleiksverk Félagasamtök/LovingAct uses its own personal money to fund all the mission trips, books, projects, activities, and all gifts, donations, contributions, sponsorships towards other organizations, groups, and individuals.
Circle of Friends and Family are the main supporters and sponsors of Kærleiksverk Félagasamt0k: (Iceland) and JLKJLU Mission Inc. (Philippines)
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