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ARNIS: Balintawak  Sugbu

Master Carlo “Kaloy” Campaña was born on March 27, 1964 in Cebu, Philippines. He grew up in a tough neighborhood and is often involved in street fights. He realized early on that to survive a fight, you must end a fight the shortest time possible. And so he began his FMA journey.


Kaloy started practicing Balintawak at the age of 12 under the tutelage of his good friend, Gm John Villasin and under the supervision of Gm Jose Villasin. His training was based primarily on the grouping method developed by Gm Jose Villasin and the fighting system of Gm Anciong Bacon.


He served as the chief instructor of the Villasin club for several years until he decided to put up his own club, Balintawak Sugbu in 2004.


With his background skills in Judo and Boxing, he created a unique yet deadly style of fighting applicable for street duels and self defense. A no nonsense art with a strong emphasis on speed, power and accuracy. He has incorporated a lot of practical techniques in stick, knife fighting and hand to hand combat that could possibly end a fight in seconds.


Kaloy believes that skills without knowledge is a recipe for disaster. As far as self defense is concerned. He teaches his students the importance of realistic training. To automatically assume that every opponent is a hungry predator ready to take out its prey. Thus, skills and knowledge is the key to survive.


Sadly, with the growing number of Balintawak clubs scattered all over the world, the method of teaching taught by the Villasins and Bacon have watered down. The modern practitioners focuses more on theatrics and fancy movements rather than the traditional way of teaching.


Thus, Master Carlo came up with a vision:

"I must preserve and continue teaching the traditional fighting system of Gm Villasin and Gm Bacon. It's my way of reviving the art that has been carefully passed on for generations.


Today, Balintawak Sugbu is gaining a lot of attention from local and foreign students. Has performed a number of demos, seminars in FMA events / gatherings. The club's style of fighting has been well received by the FMA community and has been favored by a number of reputable Eskrima masters. A recognition that has long been overdue.


Contact details:

Carlo Veloso Campana

Mobile: +63 (0)926 1328630

Lower Jugan, Consolacion (beside Evas Garden )

Cebu Philippines


Facebook page: "BALINTAWAK SUGBU - Traditional Villasin Fighting System"





Balintawak Sugbu will provide the  Filipino Art of Stick and the Grace of the Art of Etching with heat & fire and Weaving will be blended to develop individuals who will be physically fit, mentally sound and always ready to face the challenges of the real life.




Balintawak Sugbu will become an organization of excellent individuals, decent and respectable, powerful yet graceful, healthy body, all worthy of being model citizens in any community. The club will also be a friend to all other Arnis and martial Arts Clubs. 




The Balintawak Sugbu founding father and pioneers,




  • the intellectual, professional, and personal growth of the instructors, students and friends;

  • excellence in teaching, advising, and supporting each member;

  • member success through individualized attention;

  • a climate of mutual respect and collaboration;

  • an interactive and adaptive relationship with the community;

  • lifelong learning;

  • cultural diversity and human dignity;

  • the continuous improvement of our programs and processes;

  • health, wellness, and safety within the club and community environment;

  • innovation and efficiency in the use of resources; and

  • personal and institutional accountability.

  • Friendship. Among members, and among lovers of the Filipino Art of Stick Fighting, whichever club they may belong.


Contact details:

Carlo Veloso Campana

Mobile: +63 (0)926 1328630

Lower Jugan, Consolacion (beside Evas Garden )

Cebu Philippines 


Facebook page: "BALINTAWAK SUGBU"


Master Carlo “Kaloy” Campaña

Master Carlo

Master Carlo



DTI Balintawak-sugbo registration

DTI Balintawak-sugbo registration

SEC Balintawak Sugbo Registration

SEC Balintawak Sugbo Registration

2017 SEC Balintawak Sugbo Registration


By Elmer Tancinco II-Balintawak Sugbu Instructor


My first meeting with FMA or Arnis was not love at first sight. I thought of it as useless and impractical. But after a couple of sparring sessions and countless bruises, I realized how ignorant I am with the art. I stand corrected.

I am under the tutelage of Master Carlo Campaña. A soft spoken man, humbled by experience. He is teaching the system of Balintawak , a style of Arnis that focuses on close range combat.

Over the years, Master Carlo developed his own brand of Balintawak. His concept is simple; removing fancy movements and incorporating practical techniques in stick fighting, knife and hand to hand combat. In short, his style is not commercial. We are taught to automatically assume that every opponent is skilled. Why? In reality, the predator will do whatever it takes to hurt or worst, kill his prey. Master Carlo's desire to continue learning and building his craft is what makes him a master . I am honored and grateful to be his student.

FMA ( Filipino Martial Art ) is practiced worldwide. The preferred choice of U.S Marines and Military Forces. Its speed and accuracy has been proven effective numerous times in actual fights by both masters and practitioners. It is considered as one of the deadliest martial arts in the world. A fact that even Bruce Lee would agree.

I am not an expert. I am still learning and will always continue to learn FMA. But I have been telling people this:

" FMA is not a what you see ,what you get kind of art. It's what you get from what you did not expect to see. "

-elmer tancinco ii-

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