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Connecting Love... around the world

I love ya´ll. Thank you

Meeting Strangers That Become My Life-Changing Friends: Meeting them along the way...


- strangers who partly shaped my life

- strangers who made a difference in my life

- strangers who showed me God´s smiles to everyone

- strangers who took time to stop and listen to the beat of my heart... 

- strangers who runs the world with love and much more-- God´s supernatural love!


Thank you, Jesus for providing me all what I need and more... 

Please support their cause and mission. To enquire or support, please contact them directly. Thank you.


Adoption is BEAUTIFUL and the ultimate reflection of God's heart for us. Captain Budi Soehardi and his beautiful wife Peggy made a home for refugee and internally displaced children and teenagers. They provide them home, education and protection. Their message touch my heart, "It is our quest to provide a loving environment to orphaned children so they may have the opportunity to blossom and give their laughter and talents to the world." Brod Budi and sis Peggy, I love your work and it inspires me so much. Thank you again. Love to you both. 


Andrew and Sarah. Loving couple, they were there behind me when I took my first step outside my comfort zone and travelled to Thailand and Cambodia. What draws me to Sarah? Her poems and her love of horses and wanting to help others. And Andrew, just how much he cares and loves Sarah. Your friendship is a special gift--thank you for your love, support and care.




Paul and Rose, with them I had my very first charity event in Husið 88 in Keflavík together with Fjö Multicultural Fashion Show features a fashion show, skits, and performances. The event promotes a deeper understanding of different countries and the roots and histories of different cultures. Together, the art and the exploration and teaching of these forms, help in the development of self and community awareness. Their Tears Children Charity School called Verslo helps children a chance to go to school in Nairobi, Kenya. Thank you for your love and friendship.

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Founder and Director at Fjölskyldan-Líknarfélag ses.

Founder and Director at Roslin Orphanage

Founder and Director of Tears Children

Victor and Rose

Pattaya/East part of Thailand


Victor and Rose, their smile reflects their hearts. Met them in Bangkok and every time I talked to Victor and Rose, their smile puts me at ease and cheers me up. Reminds you of Proverbs 15:11-20. The sincerest couple with the purest loving intention. My dream is to visit them again but this time in Pattaya. Please support their heart´s passion.

Terez and Chris

Prestoria East, South Africa/Around the World

Amazing things happens and amazing people do exists. It´s not who they are but it is what God has called them for. When Jesus calls you to do something He has already provided. He has provided you with the best group of an army: friends, family, colleagues and even strangers ready to support you all the way. On my first leap of faith, Jesus allowed me to met Terez. Chris and Terez are amazing duo. You have to know them to discover how to follow God´s calling without any reservation. Terez, thank you for the love, your friendship and just being there. Chris, thank you for sharing your story. I love you guys!


James and Esther

Bangkok/Around Thailand

Thai Rehabilitation Center.

Nothing surprises me but this place is a jewel in Thailand. James in white took me there--Jesus keep him in my mind for good reason. Something about this place gave me so much warmth, perhaps their smile shows so much hope. Thank you James and Esther.

(Thanks John for introducing me to them.)


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Founder and Director at Harvest Time News

Founder and Director at Chonburi Care

Tel. no. +66-87-715-3598

Founder and Missionaries at Because Of Love-Asia


Changmai, Thailand

John, the teacher from Changmai. He reminds me of John the Baptist. John's mission in life is to introduce Jesus. He lives a peculiar life nothing fancy-just like John the Baptist. He is a man who has Jesus, or better, a man who’s Jesus´ has him. The only material thing I could find in him, are the books that teaches others about God´s supernatural love. That is beyond money can buy. He donates books to help people-you will never hear him mentioned worrying about how to live or he needs money to do something. His teachings and his Book Ministry is an inspiration to me and to JLKJLU HEART Library You are an inspiration, John. God is faithful! Jesus truly provides what you need!


Elisabeth Suzanna and Dan

Rio de Janiero, Brazil/USA

Elisabeth took the time and listened to my story. She taught me invaluable lesson about applying God´s word in life, work and just about anything--Jesus wants to be part of our life indeed. But she also taught me to love, read the Word, laugh, eat (her soup is the best) and pray...pray...pray. Dan´s specialized in Amazon´s Mission and the jungle story just like Tarzan-is my favorite! Can´t wait to hear more of his amazon´s adventure as a missionary. 


Serena and Tommy

Phnom Penh-Cambodia

Cambodia 2012. Beginning of the greatest adventure of my life, the adventure of saying, "yes" to God. I met Serena, a beautiful spirit armed with a contagious smile came to my room to welcome me and later showed us the school they built in the middle of an island in Phnom Penh. That day, I met a group of elderly and kids---their faces and the warmth welcome they showed me--it was love at first hug (too many first hug, I feel overwhelmed by their affection...I will never forget. Lea and Sovath Chey (Cambodian actor), thank you for your friendship and for keeping in touch.


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Founder and Director at Family Care Foundation

Founder and Director at World Mission and Nutrition

Founder and Missionary at The Power of One

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