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God has laid it on my heart. Yes, He did! 
I now understood that God put dreams in my heart that are bigger than I am.
So, I will rely on Him and His power.

 JLK JLU Mission Is A Dream Within A Dream

Jesus´ Loving Act / Kærlieksverk and JLKJLU: JESUS LOVES KIDS-JESUS LOVES YOU commitments are partly to inspire others to love and be kind to one another, and the two-half part is to let JESUS ALWAYS SHINE through all the things Loving Act do and to cultivate first and foremost a deeper and intimate relationship with God and know Him through

The Power of  LOVE  IN JESUS. 

The Birth of JLK JLU Kids Love Fest

2012 JLKJLU Kids Love Fest Tour
An insight into how the JLKJLU Kids Love Fest Tour in Mindanao, Philippines, started.
JLKJLU MISSION: Jesus Loves Kids-Jesus Loves You
It was 2012, and I just came back from my very first Missionary trip from Asia. That year, it was normal for me to post four to five times a day on my Facebook. One day, I saw on my newsfeed an online invitation and clicked on it. The next day, as I was checking on my email, and saw an invitation with a link to an online Bible study. 
I did not know who sent it but being a Bible student for a long time raised my curiosity. I never had an online study experience. I was curious. I accepted the invitation, and I knew no one in the room. It seems everyone knows each other. To my surprise, someone pings me, and it was from Lorenea. She was the only one who took notice and welcomes me into the room. It started that way; I came online and joined their Bible Study. 
Many things were going on, and soon enough, Lorenea and I become friends. She was the sweet and most kind person in the room, and actually, I feel she was also for real. 
Then one day, she introduced me to her two sisters, and we go along smoothly. I have already started doing projects with my fraternity and with another friend named Mayet. 
Little did I know, Jesus had it all planned. There I was, with Mayet and the three Sulague sisters, Sis Jing, Sis Che, and Sis Loreen. This mission tour is just the icing on the cake.  Fast forward, these are the ladies who were with me and started the JLKJLU Kids Love Fest Tour to four different cities. 
JLKJLU is the dream that connects us all to Jesus. 
To this day, we are still together like a link and a bridge to bring honor and glory to God, The Father. 

The JLK JLU Philippines

Since 2011


2020 - Present

(2020-Present) Please feel free to check our project, activities, initiatives, and our collaboration with other parties in our menus. 

We are still updating, God´s love is working in many ways through Jesus' Gospel of Love, Even with limited resources, HIS LOVE IS GRAND.

Come again and visit us later for new updates.

Thank you. 

2020   COVID19 Pandemic Crisis Initiative

Parterner with Akrho Isabela

Bro Jher Akrho Radio

Bro Nald Domingo Akrho Radio

2020 Covid 19 Serving the Frontliners Initiative

Michael Suico

2018 - Present


Partner with JLKJLU.JCI Lanao del Norte 

Pastor Carmelo Procianos

Sis Anne Procianos

2017 - Present 

Sis Franciela Raviz Torreja JLKJLU Fundraiser Director  (Manila)

Sis Daylene Maratas of JLKJLU Cebu Operations Coordinator & Moderator, JLKJLU/Akrho Radio Cebu Accounts 2016-Present

2016 - Present

Joined by JLKJLU Ormoc/Akrho Volunteers

Bro Danieles Jorge GS Akrho Ormoc Council (Active 2016-2017)  (Deceased 2019)

Sis Marah Roble Daffon JLKJLU Ormoc Library

Sis Altina Azetro JLKJLU Ormoc Library

2016 - Present

Joined by JLKJLU Cebu Special Ministry 

Bro Aris Aves of JLKJLU Cebu Special Ministry/Akrho Radio

Bro Chad Sotelo of JLKJLU Cebu/Akrho Radio

Bro Layz Sotelo of JLKJLU Cebu/Akrho Radio

Bro Charlo Sotelo of JLKJLU Cebu/Akrho Radio

Bro Jao Singson of JLKJLU Cebu/Akrho Radio (Educational Project)  Joined 2019 - Present

2015 - Present

JLKJLU Beauty Queen on a Mission

Dra. Stephanie Sitory BQM Ambassadress

Jory Rivera Serina Advocate

Hurley Rivera Ruedas Advocate



Joined by JLKJLU Manila/Akrho Radio Co-creators

Bro Gian Lovely of JLKJLU Manila, JLKJLU/Akrho Radio Accounts 

Bro Max Co of JLKJLU Manila/Akrho Radio 2013-Present

Brod Jher Brod JLKJLU Manila / Akrho Radio Accounts 03

Nald Domingo Akrho Radio

2014 - Present

JLKJLU Pillars 

Sis Nelma Tumakay JLKJLU Philippines/Asia Representative

Bro Ronilo Tumakay JLKJLU Accountant/Accounts Director -Philippines

Mama Ester JLKJLU Ormoc 

Jomar JLKJLU Ormoc  Accounts

Jasper JLKJLU Ormoc Project Coordinator

Joined by JLKJLU Ormoc/Akrho Volunteers

Bro Mark Barte JLKJLU Ormoc Accounts & Operations Coordinator/JLKJLU Akrho Ormoc/ Akrho Radio Accounts02

Bro Liel Ryan Velarde JLKJLU Akrho Ormoc / Akrho Radio (Deceased 2018)

Bro Daga JLKJLU Akrho Ormoc / Akrho Radio

Bro Dennis JLKJLU Ormoc C00/JLKJLU Akrho Radio Accounts

Bro Renato Baculi JLKJLU Akrho Ormoc / Akrho Radio

Engr. Brod Jude Sabencio JLKJLU Akrho Ormoc / Akrho Radio

Bro Loi Arsenal JLKJLU Akrho Ormoc

Bro William Con-iu JLKJLU Akrho Ormoc (Joined 2018 - Present)

2012 MISSION: Philippines First Loving Act/JLKJLU Kids Love Fest Mission


2012 - Present 

PHILIPPINES: JLKJLU Pioneers & Board Members

Ptr. Sis Genevieve "Jing" Mirafuentes Sulague JLKJLU Board Member Lead Missionary

Sis Mayet Cabrerra JLKJLU Visayas Representative/ JLKJLU Butuan 2011-Present

Sis Che Mirafuentes Sulague JLKJLU Board Member and Mindanao Representive / JLKJLU CDO

Sis Lorenea Mirafuentes Sulague JLKJLU Library Operations Director and Board Member / JLKJLU CDO

Sis Anne Lego Procianos JLKJLU Lanao del Norte Coordinator


Joined by JLKJLU Lanao del Norte, Iligan & Cebu

Ptr Carmelo Procianos JLKJLU Lanao del Norte

Brod Enoch Procianos JLKJLU Lanao del Norte

Sis Keziah Procianos JLKJLU Lanao del Norte

Sis Jowies Anoche JLKJLU Iligan Coordinator

Sis Kyeth JLKJLU Cebu Coordinator



Balintawak Sugbo-Arnis Master Carlo Campana  JLKJLU Arnis Martial Arts/Sports Advocate

2011 MISSION: Philippines First Loving Act/ Christmas for Kids


2011 Brod Jorge Danieles led the Christmas For Kids - Naungan, Ormoc City, Leyte



(God strengthened) Seeing God’s prophet Ezekiel, upon whom be peace, in a dream means that one will receive the station of guardianship and trust.


The family I have In God´s grace, the Loving Act Independent Missionaries goes above and beyond to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ - the Gospel is LOVE! 


At the beginning of my 2011 Independent Missionary journey, the Kærleiksverk Loving Act and JLKJLU Mission are only figments of my imagination, a dreamworld yet to be discovered.


I was anxious and excited, and my heart is full of love and desire and grateful to have each one of them.

Today, these are the Pioneers, Pillars, and Allies of The and JLKJLU Mission Inc., whom Jesus has chosen to be JLKJLU´s Independent Missionaries and Army of Faith for His possession and purpose to #SpreadHisLove. 


  M❦flor Sv❦ndis ☞   

Founder of JLKJLU Jesus Loves Kids-Jesus Loves You Mission Inc & Kærleiksverk Félagið: Loving Act Mission and Beyond

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