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Jesus´ Loving Act / Kærlieksverk and JLKJLU: JESUS LOVES KIDS-JESUS LOVES YOU commitments are partly to inspire others to love and be kind to one another, and the two-half part is to let JESUS ALWAYS SHINE through all the things Loving Act do and to cultivate first and foremost a deeper and intimate relationship with God and know Him through

The Power of  LOVE  IN JESUS. 

(English) LOVING ACT

LAMB: Loving Act Mission and Beyond

JLKJLU MISSION Jesus Loves Kids-Jesus Loves You Mission Inc. (Registered in the Philippines)
May We Always Be Known By Our Love.

BROSIS: Brosis Group Football Club (Registered in Kenya)
Discover The World With Love, May We Always Known By Our Love

Open Your Heart To Love.
Love to Learn. Learn to Love. 
Love what you have. Love what you do.
Love every day. Love every moment.

Love other people. 


The Only Time it is safe to think with your heart

It is when it is full of God's LOVE.

All other times, listen to your heart

But don't ever let it assume control.

This is what I truly know and understand,

The Opposite of Love is .... PRIDE!

LovingAct/JLKJLU Message and Mission
May We Always Be Known By Our Love.

LovingAct/JLKJLU Ambassador´s Mission

Teach To Inspire Others To Teach

Love To Inspire Others To Love

Give to Inspires Others To Give

LovingAct/JLKJLU Aim
Let everyone fulfill their highest, most authentic expression as a human being.

LovingAct/JLKJLU Vision and Values
Our vision for every child, woman, and senior citizen's life in all its fullness. Our prayer for every heart, the will to make it so. As years go by, our vision and mission change to adopt the fundamental challenges in the world and make a loving difference each moment, each opportunity.

LovingAct/JLKJLU Mission Project Objectives 
The JLKJLU projects include distributing educational and motivational materials for children and teenagers in various projects. A non-profit mission to provide assistance and educational needs to our future generation. Its primary purpose is to care, share the treasure in God's Word and show love to one another. The JLK JLU projects will benefit kids, students, teachers, and parents in a slum area and a poor rural school area.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

All the projects are made possible through friends worldwide's contributions (prayers, support, in-kind, and monetary) to--" The Loving Act Mission."

I sincerely appreciate ALL my friends who willingly help, support, and believe in making JLK JLU vision a reality by giving their time and contributions to Mission.



Get Involved/Contact Us

If you would like to email us or send a request.

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Our message is about God´s love- "Preaching the Gospel of Love".


If you want to make a further difference, your voice can be heard and your ideas will count.

The practice of charity means the voluntary (action) giving of help to those in need, as a humanitarian act.

People give charity because they want to help good causes.


Action words inspire. Action words motivate. 

Action words get things done.


JLK JLU Mission depends on God´s wisdom

and God´s blessings faithfully.


Even if all you do is read and see what our missionaries, volunteers, and ambassadress are capable of accomplishing, you are helping--you are showing us love!


Thank you for your support and love. May God bless you abundanty.


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