Charity Is... Love In Action


If you want to make a further difference, your voice can be heard and your ideas will count.

The practice of charity means the voluntary (action) giving of help to those in need, as a humanitarian act.

People give charity because they want to help good causes.


Action words inspire. Action words motivate. Action words get things done.

Haiyan Charity Lunch Buffet with UNICEF

Raising Money For UNICEF Iceland.

Venue: Bambus Restaurant owned by Betty Wang 


Filipinos in Iceland raised 664,370 ISK for UNICEF Iceland. 


UNICEF article & photos links below: 


Inangwika: Filippseyskt móðurmálsfélag

Masayang pagdiriwang para sa pagtatapos ng unang semestre ng Inangwika: Organisasyon ng Wikang Filipino / Vel happnuð skemmtun fyrir að ljúka fyrstu önn Inangwika: Filippseyskt móðurmálsfélagsins.

iModel Youth Program


Do every thing in love. 


The "iModel Youth" Program has the power and potential to renew individuals, organizations and society."

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LOVING ACT Mission & Beyond

RSK Registered 2015 - Iceland

(JLKJLU) Jesus Loves Kids-Jesus Loves You Mission Inc

SEC Registered 2014 - Philippines

Bank Accounts Details/Bankareikningur

Þegar lagt er inn á reikning Kærleiksverk.


Kærleiksverk Félagasamtök

Kt. 430315-0720.

Banka nr. 0537-26-430315


Bank: Íslandsbanki 

Norðurturni, Hagasmára 3, 201 Kopavogur, Iceland



Kærleiksverk Félagasamtök

ID: 430315-0720

IBAN: IS81 053726430315

Bank Accts nr.  0537-26-430315


Since 2008 Kærleiksverk Félagasamtök/LovingAct & JLKJLU Mission Inc. uses its own personal money supported by the family, circle of friends, colleagues, and friends of friends to fund all the mission trips, books, projects, activities, and all gifts, donations, contributions, sponsorships towards other organizations, groups, and individuals.
Circle of Friends and Family are the main supporters and sponsors of Kærleiksverk Félagasamt0k: (Iceland) and JLKJLU Mission Inc. (Philippines)
Contributions from other organizations or individuals are recognized and donations towards the said project or mission are fully acknowledged.
Kærleiksverk / Loving Act Iceland Official never received any CASH or IN-KIND DONATION and donations are not for personal, living, family, or self expenses.
From 2008-PRESENT, all records of transactions made by
Kærleiksverk: and
all contributions, donations from individuals,
and my circle of friends are available in our online private JOURNAL.
Other Projects outside Iceland, the JOURNAL and BOOKKEEPING
Kærleiksverk Félagasamtök: has not received nor applied for any grants from any organization or foundation since it has started.

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