From 2008 - 2014

REFUGEES: Their Story

Here´s to the days that turned into years with strangers turned friends and like brothers and sisters. - ms

2008 Spending Time With The Refugees. This is not an easy task, I thought I have been trained, I have the experience, I can do this--how wrong I was! Here´s the deal --the task cannot be done by myself alone. When you find yourself with a task that has meaning, make it your goal to give 99% then it will be worth it. Refugees has his/her own story. These are individuals from different countries, different religion and different cultures-- the only thing they have in common is... HOPE. 

I´ve become a humanitarian--(who would have thought) no idea what the word meant back then. And as a humanitarian, and an independent missionary volunteer ... yes, not to mention I am a foreigner in this country -- I can be a refugee, too (yes, I do look like one *smiles*) I wanted to be able to share my experience to raise awareness of what really meant to be a refugee. The real ones, their struggles, and what they have gone through are the real field of battles. Their way of life is a battle between bad and worse, impossible to imagine.


Why are they doing this? I found the sad truth.... (escaping his/her past - a prisoner outside the system)


To me, a refugee is a free man, free to go wherever he wants but NOT ALWAYS WELCOME! Now, imagine... -ms


Telling a depressed person that everything will be ok is like telling a cancer person--to cure themselves! -ms
The strongest are not those who show strength in front of us but those who win battles we know nothing about.

Accidental Humanitarian

By a twist of fate and four leaf clover ;)

Started working with refugees in Iceland in 2008. It was not my intention to work with refugees. Somehow a friend of mine asked me to come along. Was I curious? Yes. I heard about them and wonder how they end up here. So, to make a long story short, I made up my mind to come back after my first visit. Since then I invited friends and volunteers to come along. In Iceland, through my work with refugees, I made friends with them and met quite a few humanitarian workers some Icelanders and some are foreign. In 2012-1 Aug, after the Kenyan Festival 2012, I joined the group of CoC Iceland. We had our first meeting. Icelanders are very accomodating and they are passionate about humanitarian works that I end up collaborating projects with them. I learned a lot about different cultures and gain some knowledge about cultural diversity and the equality of human beings. There are different types of activists and they operate and function differently. The Philippines, like a third-world country, experiences various problems such as corruption and high medical fees. Many Filipinos complain about our lives, but our troubles are nothing compared to some of them. I am glad to meet all of you and to some of you, thank you for being open, friendly, warm, always human... err funny yet usually emotional. - ms

Seminar: Weekend Retreat for Refugees

Choice to Change

The Weekend Retreat for refugees offers two days courses, namely one on Life Challenges and one on Introduction to Iceland and will be taught by Mr. Keith Henderson from the US assisted by Christien Kristjansson and Maflor. 


The program consists of 8 hours of lectures, 2 hours of a group workshop, and 2 hours wrap-up session including a lunch buffet to introduce different foods and delicacies, as well as an educational tour visit to the most exciting tourist spot in Iceland. Students can opt to receive a certificate at the end of the session. The course will be offered in English. There will be no fee charged for this course.


Christien Kristjansson of Culture House Intl. - Iceland is from South Africa, has worked in various volunteer projects both in South Africa and in Iceland with managing the Open House- A Reach Out program to help foreigners integrate and sponsored by the Alpjoðahús.


Maflor has been involved with missionary and charity projects and she recently returned from Thailand and Cambodia. She is currently working full-time at Hotel Smari and doing a part-time at the 4th Floor Hotel. Maflor passion lies within her charity and volunteering work with Fjolskyldan Liknarfelag and Kærleiksverk Félagasamtök/JKL JLU Missions - Iceland and Philippines registered organization.   


Keith Henderson has been a missionary, teacher, and volunteer for over 35 years in the US and Asia.  Presently visiting Iceland from Thailand where he has educational projects aimed at improving the quality of life via volunteer projects as well as English enrichment. These projects have been sponsored by individuals who have the same goal - to be a help to others in any way they can-sometimes via donations of time, services, money, or materials to help others in need.  If you would like more information, please contact us.  Thank you!  Have a wonderful day!