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FUN Character Building 



The aim is to strengthen individuals and communities through strengthening families by enhancing family values.


- Fun and affordable activities 

- Improve the quality of life of families in the area, by enhancing family values and improving ethics and character education.


This Fun Enrichment Program address these issues using Character Building activities resulting in establishment and enhancement of family values. 


Character building is a complex process involving:

- Knowledge – teaching principles of right and wrong;

- Feeling – installing ethical values and attitudes; and

- Actions – demanding and modelling ethical conduct.



In other words, the dimensions of character involves knowing the good, loving the good and doing the good.


The purpose of this Kids Enrichment Program is to teach the values of Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring and Good Citizenship to the target communities.  These values will contribute to functional family life, and functional societies.



LOVING ACT Mission & Beyond

RSK Registered 2015 - Iceland

(JLKJLU) Jesus Loves Kids-Jesus Loves You Mission Inc

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Kærleiksverk Félagasamtök

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Bank Accts nr.  0537-26-430315


Since 2008 Kærleiksverk Félagasamtök/LovingAct & JLKJLU Mission Inc. uses its own personal money supported by the family, circle of friends, colleagues, and friends of friends to fund all the mission trips, books, projects, activities, and all gifts, donations, contributions, sponsorships towards other organizations, groups, and individuals.
Circle of Friends and Family are the main supporters and sponsors of Kærleiksverk Félagasamt0k: (Iceland) and JLKJLU Mission Inc. (Philippines)
Contributions from other organizations or individuals are recognized and donations towards the said project or mission are fully acknowledged.
Kærleiksverk / Loving Act Iceland Official never received any CASH or IN-KIND DONATION and donations are not for personal, living, family, or self expenses.
From 2008-PRESENT, all records of transactions made by
Kærleiksverk: and
all contributions, donations from individuals,
and my circle of friends are available in our online private JOURNAL.
Other Projects outside Iceland, the JOURNAL and BOOKKEEPING
Kærleiksverk Félagasamtök: has not received nor applied for any grants from any organization or foundation since it has started.

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