The Loving Act -To Glorify God, The Father and Honor Him

 Our Passion Motto

      May We Always Be Known

                    By Our Love

 Love is our fruit of passion. 

So Then, You Will Know Them By Their Fruits

JLKJLU Jesus Loves Kids-Jesus Loves You


It is God´s project; depend on Him faithfully.

May We Always Be Known By Our Love.

Its´s passion is to inspire, create the desire to know The Truth and share God´s Love and fill their hearts with the pure love of Christ with everyone who is in touch with children and young people in general, but above all with everyone who cares JLK-JLU´s values. 

All JLK-JLU´s projects are a personal desire to contribute to making a reality to God´s plan in preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ-The Gospel is Love.

“Love is a gift 

       you can freely give and 

Love is the greatest gift

       you can give yourself "

Project Message
"Love is a gift you can freely give and Love is the greatest gift you can give yourself"

Every child must hear, learn, know God´s Love.

Love brings smiles to His lil´ ones.

The Truth, The Facts - Faith in God

Through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Gospel is LOVE!

In today´s busy world, there are so many who are consumed with the demands of the world that they forget it´s the REAL PEOPLE WHO RUN THE WORLD and not vice versa.

Real people are the ones who take time to reach individuals, children, anyone who is in need of care, encouragement, understanding, compassion, kindness and do things in love.

All the projects are made possible through PERSONAL CONTRIBUTIONS of friends around the world to---

"The Loving Act Mission & Beyond". As you give yourself to others and offer help, you receive the gift of love back.

I sincerely appreciate ALL my friends who willingly help, support and believe in making a reality of JLK JLU vision by giving of their time and contributions to JLK-JLU Mission.

“Jesus is not an accessory to the work

we do. He is the guidepost.”

JLK JLU Mission


JLK-JLU Mission is a new covenant of love amongst friends and an enjoyable life-long commitment and reverence to our Almighty God, the Father in Jesus´ name.



The JLK-JLU Mission is an act of love, to reach out to individuals who are motivated by pure love manifested in Christ alone and considering the benefit of others than their own.

“ I was a stranger and 

        and you invited Me  in.”

“ I was in prison and

     you came to Me.”



JLK-JLU project´s primary objective...

To be the vessel of Jesus´ love

for God´s children.


We are Ambassadors of Love and Good Will to reach out to them in a way that we draw them to ourselves. We become one, but that has to be done in very concrete ways. To love our neighbor, to be one with those who are afflicted and oppressed, those who really have grief and anxiety because of their situation -- this becomes so important by donating Bibles, based storybooks, educational and motivational materials, providing them with the spiritual resources to learn more about God and the Gospel of Jesus and exchanging material goals for spiritual ones and creating a deep desire for the Lord´s Word and ways. And having lots of fun together to rejoice in God´s love.






Jesus’ response to his friends’ rebuke is so telling. In verse 14, we are told that Jesus was indignant to the disciples’ harsh response. The Greek translation for the word “indignant” is a combination of two words: “much” and “to grieve.” Jesus was much grieved!

‘Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.'”

-Matthew 19:13-14

He is grieved when children are neglected.

He grieves when they are turned away or denied their rights.

He grieves when children are not known, loved, and protected.

This is why Compassion works for the rights of children in Jesus’ name. Jesus is not an accessory to the work we do. He is the guidepost. Let’s take a look at the different times Jesus advocated for children in the Bible!




Kida Love Fest

2012- Present


A Gospel of Love

Activity Program

Since 12 Sept 2012



2012 - Present



JLK JLU: The PO1 Hearty Library is coming soon to

Ormoc & Cebu. 

Since 12 Sept. 2012



2012 - Present




  • Lipayran Island, Cebu

  • Butuan

  • Cagayan de Oro

  • Lanao del Norte

  • Iligan

  • Ormoc


  • Nairobi, Kenya

Since 12 Sept. 2012


Gifts Of Love




Love blitz wherever

and whoever.

Since 20 Dec 2012


Child Advocacy

2012 - Present






Jesus loves the little children.

As Jesus followers, we know we serve a God whose heart is for children.


In fact, throughout His time on earth, Jesus spoke extensively about protecting and loving children and about welcoming them into His kingdom.

Jesus has a tender, protective, caring toward children.

The New Testament is riddled with examples of Jesus calling children to come closer to Him, even when his closest friends insisted that he had better things to do (Mark 10:13-16).

Since 12 Sept. 2012



LOVING ACT Mission & Beyond

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