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WISDOM: The Highest Aim of Life and Higher Education is our goal. - ms


The Loving Act´s main aim of education should be to produce competent, caring, compassionate, knowledgeable, lovable and prosperous people. Behaving in ways that benefit others and being responsible to one another is love.

One of the Loving Ways JLKJLU helps create healthier communites , is by reaching out and providing services close to where people live and work.  Many of our outreach services are proactive early interventions that help families, kids, students, individuals, communities and organizations build strengths and increase psychologicial, emotional and relationship resilience.


Financial Literacy

2015 Talking To Kids About Money Matters

Financial Terms to Teach Your Children


For Parents only:

Program Knowledge vs Ignorance

Financial Literacy knowledge and money monagement skills.


After School
Volunteerism Project 

2015 Program. All Kids Play Mission

One volunteer. One child. Infinite possibilities.



ARNIS: With Balintawak Sugbo Master Carlo V. Campana

At JLKJLU/LAMB (Loving Act Mission & Beyond), we believe that physical education is another vehicle for learning and prepares children to be physically and mentally active.

Educational Project

2015 ON AIR Program

A social scientific expirement and technological research and development program. A fun activity program for kids and teens. 

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