Go, Live life, Make A Difference, Touch One´s Heart, Encourage Ones Mind, Inspire One´s Soul. Everyday is God´s way of saying One More Time... L.O.V.E! - ms 

All Glory To God Almighty and Our  King, Jesus


Don´t give to get

Give to inspire others to give.


Our JLKJLU Jesus Loves Kids - Jesus Loves You Pillars
Remote Island Advocates 

Venture To A Remote Faraway Island, there may wait, a new experience and secret portal to a staircase of happiness. 


The Last Barangay of Cebu

Jesus Lil´ Ambassador's of Love, Kids Love Fest Celebration
Heart Library Mission


Lipayran Island Host, Pastor Lorenzo Rosos, and his Congregation

* Project PEARL Iceland - International 

* Lilja Véðís Hólmsdottir

  Project PEARL Iceland - International, Chairperson
  ENFiD: European Network of Filipino Diaspora Representative - Iceland

Jesus Loves Kids - Jesus Loves You Mission Board Advisor

* Maflor Svandís 
 Jesus Loves Kids - Jesus Loves You Mission Founder

Project PEARL Iceland - Board Director of Volunteerism & Charity

ENFiD: European Network of Filipino Diaspore Deputy - Iceland


* Gal Castro Miñora
  Executive Director of Cebu Chamber of Commerce, Bantayan Island


* Gordon Alan "Dondi" Joseph
  Cebu Business Club - President
  Metro Cebu Development Coordinating Board - Chairman, Executive Committee
  PhilPacific Insurance Brokers & Managers, Inc. - Director & CEO
  (donated 150 hygiene kits)

* Dr. Stephanie Sitoy
  Mrs. Globe Philippines 2014
  Beauty Queens on a Mission Ambassador
(Donated vitamins and books)


* Jory Seriña Rivera
  All-Beauty Pageants Worldwide Event Photographer
  Online Pageant Magazine & Blog Contributor 
  Broadway World Philippines Writer
  Beauty Queens on a Mission Advocate


* Harley Ruedas

Haute Couture - Intl. Fashion Designer

Cebuano Top Fashion Designer 
  LovingAct/JLKJLU Advocate


Project Pearl Iceland - International Representatives
* Vanessa Alexandría Loque
* Melissa Athena Loque
* Candace Alison Loque
* Ignatius Anton S. Loque
* Mackenzie Freyja T. Loque


Project Pearl Iceland - Cebu Volunteers
* Zenith Eos A. Loque
* Beverly Tañedo
* Lui Wolff
* Lucas Finnegan Wolff
* Timothy Lazarte
* Gertrude Vivien B. Lazarte


Jesus Loves Kids - Jesus Loves You Mission Philippines
* JLKJLU Board Director  
Nelma Rosos 
* Board Member/ JLKJLU Accountant
Ronil Rosos 

* JLKJLU Volunteer Nolan Tumakay

* JLKJLU Missionary Pioneers 

JLKJLU Mission Inc Board Directors - Founding Members

Ptra Genevieve M.  Sulangue,

Cherlita Sulange,

Loreen Sulange,



* JLKJLU MISSION - MINDANAO Missionary Pioneers /

JLKJLU Mission Inc - Mindanao Founding Members

Enoch Procianos

Kyeth M. Bontia 


Akrho Ormoc 
Mark Barte
*CFOO Dennis Olmedo
*Council Adviser Alumni Renato Baculi 
*Founder/Organizer  Amador Naga

LET´S CELEBRATE LOVE- The Volunteers Loving Way

CONTRIBUTIONS to our Community


All-Loving Act volunteers are Ambassadors of Love. It is an individual personal desire to contribute their personal time, skills, talent, or finances to support our volunteering mission to continue doing the JLK-JLU mission in preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ - The Gospel is Love.

All future projects will be made possible through personal contribution of friends around the world. We are all grateful for this opportunity God has given all of us to participate, to contribute, and to pray for the community service mission to keep on sharing the knowledge of love and doing the word through JLK-JLU Mission---" The Loving Act Mission".



"Remote Mission"




The Loving Act  "In the life of each of us, there is a place remote and islanded, and given to endless regret or endless happiness."

To find true happiness... 

Open Your Heart To Love. 

Love to learn how to love.

Love what you have. 

Love other people.

Love what you do. 

Love everyday.


JLK JLU Ambassadors - Its´s passion is to inspire, create the desire to know The Truth and share God´s Love and fill their hearts with the pure love of Christ with everyone who is in touch with children, young and elderly people in general but above all with everyone who cares JLK-JLU´s values.