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Co-Founding Brosis School 2018-19

Mission & Projects

1. BROSIS SCHOOL Relocation


Brosis was in total ruined due to flooding. All school belongings were damaged and there was a remaining balance of 19.000 Ksh to removed a few cabinets and chairs. Transportation has been paid to transfer to a new location.

2. Co-Founding Brosis School

Finding a new area and structure to relocate Brosis School. 

A year of rental support for Brosis School. 2018-19

School preparation expenses. 2017-2018

Re-opening expenses. 2017-2018


3.School Project



(Financial support for 1 year)

School Financial support and provision.

Dormitory for girls and boys, a computer room, books, and a library room, school meal, teacher salary, new kitchen cookwares, and school outdoor programs. 

4. Volunteer Service - (6 months)

Assistant Teacher, School Admin, and Outdoor Program Coordinator. 

5. Remote Assistance 



Kids Online Courses: Educational: PPi

Graphics and Web: Akrho Radio and Akrho Ormoc 


Logo sponsored by Akrho Radio/JLKJLU PH

by Brod Gee

Website, Content, Hosting, and Domain for 2 yrs

Paid by  Jesus, PO1 Pillar Initiative of Loving Act.

7. ASIRO Consultancy 

Mr. A. Siro, Founder and Brosis Integrated CBO/Brosis School Chairman received The PO1 Pillar financial funding assistance.

Business registration, consultation, and start-up for ASIRO Consultancy business from PO1 Pillar Iniative of Loving Act.

ASIRO website, hosting, and content assistance sponsored by Loving Act for 2 years. 

The purpose of the business start-up for ASIRO is to provide financial assistance to Brosis School. 

No CASH DONATION or sponsorship from individuals or company received for BROSIS SCHOOL. The provision were from the Board of Kærleiksverk/Loving Act to keep the children in the slum continue their education at Brosis School.

BroSis School 2018 January

BroSis School Ruins & Rebuilding

BROSIS Ruins All That Is Left!
Abandoned old school due to extensive flooding. The problem of extreme flooding, children couldn't come to school. Worst scenario, there's an overflow of large amounts of water over classrooms and the surrounding area.


The nightmare, with the significant flooding in the school area and inside the classrooms, they cannot remove the water inside-out and there is no other way out!


Mold growth and contaminants in a flooded school can pose significant health threats to student and staff. Relocation is a must.

Dear Jesus, JLKJLU Africa Mission is in need of a miracle. Claiming the heavenly keys of Isaiah 44: 26. Amen. - ms

Below is the ruins of the old BroSis School but I was told that the school relocated to this place only recently because the land in Chongis Rd where the school used to be has been sold and they were given less than 2 weeks notice to leave.


Mr Jan Bolmeson, a Swedish hero for the Brosis kids assisted BroSis School during that difficult times together with his friends and colleages from Sweden. Mr. Abel Siro received financial supports and was asked to provide reports. 


A school without ruins is a school without memories

A school without memories is a school without history.





In Jesus, we trust.

Loving Act/JLKJLU Mission

- Maflor Svandis


Lenana Youth helping helping to move the remaining stuff from old Brosis School to the new place. Just grateful you stayed even when it was too dark to see anything. Thank you!




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