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Would you like to support (AKRHO ORMOC SORORITY) OSS Ormoc Skepron Sorority,

please direct your query on their Facebook page and contribution to their LADY GRAND SKEPTRON, 

LGS Ms. Vernie Jane O. Tomarong or Treasurer Sis Hazel Morales

Mobile: +63 9662545861 / verniejanetomarong1993@gmail.com

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OSS Ormoc Skeptron Sorority Projects & Activity Collaboration With Community Chapters

Led by LovingAct.org Ormoc Coordinator and LGS Ormoc Skeptron Sorority Sis Jhen

Loving Act.org and (AKRHO ORMOC SORORITY) OSS Ormoc Skeptron Sorority provide the support system and financial contribution to our Community Chapter Outreach. Our Community Improvement Awareness purpose is:

  • To inspire our youth and peers to step up and be exemplary role models for the children and youth.

  • To provide an initiative in improving our community and our city itself.

  • To uplift the elderly and disabled people by improving their quality of life and

  • Organizing programs and projects related to Senior Citizens and Persons with Disabilities.


When our initiative-focused activities and programs are effective, there is less crime, more improvements, a better environment, a more motivated workforce, and fewer overall issues that impact our neighbors.

2021 DECEMBER 23

WHEELS OF LOVE - A Wheelchair for PWD Project of OSS with IWF & LovingAct.org 

2021 DECEMBER 23

Christmas Children Event by THETA ZETA (Brgy. Valencia) & OSS 


Christmas Annual Kids Celebration

Spread The Love This Holiday Season. In whatever we do, we like to show the Love of Jesus. “It’s better to give than to receive.” 

A GIFT GIVING AND FEEDING PROJECT of Theta Zeta and OSS in coordination with OSC and partnership with LovingAct.org headed by GS Bro Dario and his officials and members with LGS Sis Jhen and her team.


A total of ____ children participated in the feeding program and received our early Christmas presents.


Our feeding programs and gift-giving initiatives are our way of letting children in impoverished rural communities feel that they are special and loved. This is also part of our commitment and advocacy as humanitarian volunteers and members of Alpha Kappa Rho.

2021 NOVEMBER 21 & 28

Community Beautification of Brgy. Tambulilid Bridge by Kappa Gamma


Community Beautification Program - Nov 21 & Nov 28

KAPPA GAMMA is a direct party volunteer of Loving Act.org. This year, they will include the repainting of the Brgy Tambulilid bridge as part of their Community Cleanliness and Beautification Program. Our contribution to our community is part of our commitment and advocacy.  


SiGNAGE Project by Sigma Rho (Brgy. San Jose)


Community Beautification Program.

Orientation signs show that “you are here” on a map. Our contribution to our community and our AKP identification mark identifying in this particular area - we have established an AKP chapter. There are existing officials and members and operate independently while remaining their own entity. 


Free 2000 Candles by Sigma Rho (Valencia Cemetery)



Distribution of 2000 free candles, complimentary bottled water, and Arroz Caldo. The tradition of visiting graves and cemeteries on November 1 and 2 is mainly inspired by Catholic practice, especially since plenary indulgences are given for those who visit and pray for the dead on the first eight days of November.

2021 November  14



2021 OCTOBER 18


FEEDING PROGRAM by Kappa Gamma (Brgy. Tambulilid)

Feeding by Kappa Gamma & OSS_edited.jpg

2021 OCTOBER 17


FEEDING PROGRAM by Rho Delta (DSDW Brgy. Tambulilid)

Rho Delta Barangay Letter