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JLKJLU Project Summary

7 July Butuan and 8 July San Roque
Butuan and San Roque, Philippines - Launching of JLKJLU
JLK JLU Representative: Mayet


JLK JLU provides all materials. Sent to Mayet
Feeding Program (Sponsored by PPATW 150 USD)
-Received amount from PPATW 150 USD)

JLK JLU provides books, art packages, and Fashion is Love-

a Bible verse T-shirt give aways

Icelandic Circle of Friends and PO1 
-Received amount: 10.000 ISK
Finnur Steinsson 10.000 ISK
Aldrianne Roman 1000 ISK
Laura Concordia Þorbergsson 1000 ISK
Prabhu Kirpal Kaur 2500 ISK

Iceland´s CIRCLE OF FRIENDS Total Donations: 24.500 ISK (205 USD)


 PPATW US - Total: 150 USD

Kærleiksverk: Iceland paid all remaining costs.

Bible Verse Tshirts.

Melody´s flight from Manila

John´s flight from Thailand

JLK JLU Reprsentatives tranportations

Melody´s flight, transportations, accommodations and other expenses 

 John´s flight, transportations, accommodations and other expenses
Flight tickets for Melody - 7.200 pesos (sent directly to her)
Wired Transfer to Mayet - 13.000 pesos + 150 USD from PPATW
Books, materials and art packages only puchased from Melody (Manila) Total amt. 400 USD

Financial report from Ms. Rosemarie "Mayet"

Available upon request.

All materials, books and Tshirt distributed to poor children in slum areas and poor rural school areas. 

Distribution and events photos are featured in JLK JLU FB page





Kærleiksverk: Iceland paid all costs unless stated. Contributions from other organization or individuals are recognized and donation towards the said project or mission are fully acknowledged.

We did not received nor apply any grants from any organization or foundation. 






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